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Filimonov, R.V. & Oudalov, S.G.
Zhuki-usachi Leningradskoi oblasti. Atlas-opredelitel. (The Longhorn beetles of the St. Petersburg Region: an Atlas)
St. Petersburg, 2001: 80 p. ISBN 5-902094-05-4

The atlas includes 105 species of the longhorn beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) reported from the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) region and adjacent territories. The atlas is illustrated with 120 colour photos. Every species is provided with an annotation which includes remarks on body size, life-history, variation, distribution area, status of the species in the St. Petersburg region. The characters differentiating apparently similar species are given whenever necessary. In the introduction, general characteristics of the family as well as collection and observation techniques, and an annotated list of literature on the longhorn beetles of Russian fauna are given. The List of the Species included in the Atlas is available at a separate page.

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The List of the Species included in the Atlas
A Review by Andrei L. Lobanov (Zool. Inst. St. Petersburg)

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